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261.India Construction Kit
Rosenfelder, Mark
Call Number: RosenfelderIndia
262.Create Your Own Secret Language
Peterson, David J
Call Number: PetersonSecret
264.Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
Pinker, Steven
Call Number: Pinker1994L
265.Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language
Pinker, Steven
Call Number: Pinker1999W
266.Linguistic Diversity in Space and Time
Nichols, Johanna
Call Number: Nichols1992L
267.Science of Words (Scientific American Library Series), The
Miller, George A.
Call Number: Miller1991S
268.Language Contact: An Introduction
Thomason, Sarah G.
Call Number: Thomason2001L
270.Exploring the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Van Valin, Robert D., Jr.
Call Number: VanValin2005E
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of 29