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TitleLanguage Typology and Syntactic Description, Volume III: Gramatical Categories and the Lexicon (Language Typology & Syntactic DeAuthorShopen, TimothyPublishedCambridge University Press 1985
Status:Check Shelves SubjectMorphosyntax, TypologyMediaPaperback,BookISBN0521318998Call NumberShopen1985L3TypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Typological Distinctions in Word Formation Stephen R. Anderson. Lexicalization Patterns: Semantic Structure in Lexical Forms Leonard Talmy. Inflectional Morphology Stephen R. Anderson. Tense, Aspect, and Mood Sandra Chung and Alan Timberlake. Deixis Stephen R. Anderson and Edward L. Keenan. Causative Verb Formation and Other Verb-Deriving Morphology Bernard Comrie. Lexical Nominalization Bernard Comrie and Sandra A. Thompson.

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