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TitleTermite Queen: Volume One: The Speaking of the Dead (Volume 1), TheAuthorTaylor, Lorinda J.PublishedCreateSpace Independent Publishing P 2012
Status:Check Shelves SubjectFictionMediaPaperback,BookISBN1469989840Call NumberTaylor2012TTypeCirculating BookDescription

from "In the 30th century an off-world expedition returns to Earth with a specimen of giant termite whose behavior suggests intelligence. Kaitrin Oliva, a strong-willed and ambitious young linguistic anthropologist, is charged with finding a way to access its unique form of bioelectric communication. However, the insect dies and the team members realize that they have unintentionally murdered an intelligent lifeform. A second expedition is mounted with the purpose of making first contact and reparations. Griffen Gwidian, the entomologist heading the expedition, is a complex man with a dark personal secret. He falls in love with Kaitrin and against her better instincts Kaitrin responds. The result is a love story by turns turbulent and funny, passionate, tender, and troubled. Meanwhile, civil discord is brewing on the termite planet. Mo'gri'ta'tu, the Queen's Chamberlain, resents the power of the Holy Seer Kwi'ga'ga'tei and plots to assassinate her. She has engaged the services of an outland Champion, Ki'shto'ba Huge-Head, to fight this terrifying entity, which has descended on them from the skies, murdered one of the fortress's citizens, and abducted another. This alienates the aging Commander Hi'ta'fu the Unconquered, who is lured by the word-crafty Chamberlain into joining the conspiracy. At the very moment the murder is about to be committed, the second expedition arrives at the planet. Discover the conclusion of the adventure in "The Termite Queen: Volume Two: The Wound That Has No Healing"."

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