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TitleLanguage Universals and Variation (Perspectives on Cognitive Science)AuthorAmberber, Mengistu and Collins, PeterPublishedPraeger 2002
Status:Check Shelves SubjectMorphosyntax, TypologyMediaHardcover,BookISBN0275976823Call NumberAmberger2002LTypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Quirky Alterations of Transitivity: The Case of Ingestive Predicates Mengistu Amberger. Explaining Clitic Variation in Spanish José Camacho and Liliana Sánchez. Slavic Passives, Bantu Passives, and Human Cognition Peter F. Kipka. The Split VP Hypothesis: Evidence from Language Acquisition Masatoshi Koizumi. Syntactic Constraints in a "Free Word Order" Language Mary Laughren. On the Range and Variety of Cases Assigned by Adpositions Alan R. Libert. Optimality and Three Western Austronesian Case Systems Anna Maclachlan. Affixes, Clitics, and Bantu Morphosyntax Sam Mchombo. Two Types of Wh-In-Situ Masanori Nakamura. Vowel Place Contrasts Keren Rice.

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