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TitlePossession and Ownership (Explorations in Linguistic Typology)AuthorAikhenvald, Alexandra Y. and Dixon, R.M.W.PublishedOxford University Press, USA 2013
Status:Check Shelves SubjectMorphosyntax, TypologyMediaHardcover,BookISBN0199660220Call NumberAikhenvald2013PTypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Posession and ownership: a cross-linguistic perspective Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. Ownership, part-whole, and other possessive-associative relations in Nêlêmwa (New Caledonia) Isabelle Bril. Possession in Moskona, an East Bird's Head language Gloria J. Gravelle. Possession and ownership in Manambu, a Ndu language from the Sepik area, Papua New Guinea Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. Possession in Martuthunira Alan Dench. Possession in Nanti Lev Michael. Possession and association in Galo language and culture Mark W. Post. Possessive constructions in Mandarin Chinese Yongxian Luo. Possession in Hone Anne Storch. Possessive constructions in Likpe (Sɛkpɛlé) Felix K. Ameka. Possession in Wandala Zygmunt Frajzyngier. Spirits of the forest, the wind, and new wealth: defining some of the possibilities, and limits, of Kamula possession Michael Wood. Being and belonging: exchange, valie, and land ownership in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea Rosita Henry. Possession and also ownership—vignettes R. M. W. Dixon.

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