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TitleAmazonian Languages (Cambridge Language Surveys), TheAuthorDixon, R.M.W. and Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.PublishedCambridge University Press 2006
Status:Check Shelves SubjectLanguages - AmazonianCategoryCambridge Green SeriesMediaPaperback,BookEditionDigitally Printed 1st Pbk. VersionISBN0521578930Call NumberDixon1999ATypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Introduction R. M. W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. Carib Desmond C. Derbyshire. The Arawak language family Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. Tupí Aryon D. Rodrigues. Tupí-Guaraní Cheryl Jensen. Macro-Jê Aryon D. Rodrigues. Tucano Janet Barnes. Pano Eugene E. Loos. Makú Silvana and Valteir Martins. Nambiquara Ivan Lowe. Arawa´ R. M. W. Dixon. Small language families and isolates in Peru Mary Ruth Wise. Other small families and isolates Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and R. M. W. Dixon. Areal diffusion and language contact in the Içana-Vaupés basin, north-west Amazonia Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. The Upper Xingu as an incipient linguistic area Lucy Seki.

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