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TitleIntroduction to Typology: The Unity and Diversity of LanguageAuthorWhaley, Lindsay J.PublishedSAGE Publications, Inc 1996
Status:Check Shelves SubjectMorphosyntax, TypologyMediaPaperback,BookISBN080395963XCall NumberWhaley1997ITypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Part I: Basics of Language Typology. Introduction to Typology and Universals. A (Brief) History of Typology. Issues of Method and Explanation. Basic Categories. Part II: Word Order Typology. Constituent Order Universals. Determining Basic Constituent Order. Part III: Morphological Typology. Morphemes. Morphological Typology. Part IV: Encoding Relational and Semantic Properties of Nominals. Case and Agreement Systems. Animacy, Definiteness, and Gender. Valence. Part V: Verbal Categories. Tense and Aspect. Mood and Negation. Morphosyntax of Speech Acts. Part VI: Complex Clauses. Subordination. Coordination and Cosubordination.

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