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TitleMaking Dictionaries: Preserving Indigenous Languages of the AmericasAuthorFrawley, William and Hill, Kenneth C. and Munro, PamelaPublishedUniversity of California Press 2002
Status:Check Shelves SubjectLanguages - Native AmericanMediaPaperback,BookISBN0520229967Call NumberFrawley2002MTypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: Making a Dictionary: Ten Issues William Frawley, Kenneth C. Hill, and Pamela Munro. I: Form and Meaning in the Dictionary. Theoretical and Universal Implications of Certain Verbal Entries in Dictionaries of the Misumalpan Languages Ken Hale and Danilo Salamanca. Morphology in Cherokee Lexography: The Cherokee-English Dictionary William Pulte and Durban Feeling. Lexical Functions as a Heuristic for Huichol Joseph E. Grimes. Entries for Verbs in American Indian Language Dictionaries Pamela Munro. Multiple Assertions, Grammatical Constructions, Lexical Pragmatics, and the Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary Richard A. Rhodes. II: Role of the Dictionary in Indigenous Communities. Issues of Standardization and Community in Aboriginal Language Lexicography Keren Rice and Leslie Saxon. A Dictionary for Whom? Tensions Between Academic and Nonacademic Functions of Bilingual Dictionaries Leanne Hinton and William F. Weigel. Language Renewal and the Technologies of Literacy and Postliteracy: Reflections from Western Mono Paul V. Kroskrity. III: Technology and Dictionary Design. An Interactive Dictionary and Text Corpus for Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Nahautl Una Canger. What's in a Word? The Whys and What Fors of a Nahuatl Dictionary Jonathan D. Amith. The Comparative Siouan Dictionary Project David S. Rood and John E. Koontz. IV: Specific Projects and Personal Accounts. Writing a Nez Perce Dictionary Haruo Aoki. On Publishing the Hopi Dictionary Kenneth C. Hill. Writing a User-Friendly Dictionary Catherine A. Callaghan. The NAPUS (Native American Placenames of the United States) Project: Principles and Problems William Bright. Alonso de Molina as Lexicographer Mary L. Clayton and R. Joe Campbell.

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