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TitleAliens and Linguists: Language Study and Science Fiction (South Atlantic Modern Language Association award study)AuthorMeyers, Walter EarlPublishedUniv of Georgia Pr 1980
Status:Check Shelves SubjectLinguistics in LiteratureMediaHardcover,BookEditionFirst EditionISBN0820304875Call NumberMeyers1980ATypeCirculating BookDescription

Contents: 1. "The Godlike Science" and Science Fiction. 2. The Future History and Development of the English Language. 3. Resident Aliens: Mummies and Machines. 4. Resident Aliens: Monkeys and Marine Mammals. 5. The Medium Is the Message. 6. "Take Me to Your Leader". 7. Berlitz in Outer Space. 8. Plausibility vs. the Automatic Translator. 9. Avoiding the Boring Stuff. 10. A History of Linguistics in Science Fiction: I. 11. A History of Linguistics in Science Fiction: II. 12. The Children of Sir Thomas More.

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